About Abfall Veterinary Services, LLC

Abfall Veterinary Services, LLC opened in 1981 with the goal to provide complete and compassionate medicine, surgery, and preventive care to farm animals of all ages.

Currently there are 3 veterinarians on staff and 12 veterinary assistants. Our entire team is proud to provide medical, surgical, and preventative medicine to large animals. With years of combined experience, we are ready to provide you with first-class quality health care.

Mission Statement

Abfall Veterinary Services is dedicated to delivering complete and compassionate patient care exceeding our client’s expectations in all aspects of our communication, service, and care. We strive to earn the loyalty and trust of our client, and to provide owners with the information needed to make decisions to maximize the quality of life of their farm animals.

At Abfall Veterinary Services, we are truly dedicated to our patients and will do everything in our power to ensure they lead a long and healthy life. For veterinary care you can trust, contact us today!

Abfall Veterinary Services, LLC | The Planins, OH